Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Asymmetric Drape Front Skirt and Raccoons!

I finally have photos of my Asymmetric Drape Front Skirt! I made this way back in the summer -- back when the temps were sky high and posing in a fully lined wool skirt didn't seem very appealing. I designed this as one of my final skirt projects at Apparel Arts.

The skirt incorporates some of my fave details -- princess seams, pencil shape, raised waist and pegged hem. There is a back zip and a back kick pleat. The draped piece is pleated and attached at an angle to the princess lines in the back to create the asymmetric draped look.

The most challenging part of this skirt was the draped piece -- no surprise! I could visualize what I wanted but it was tough translating that vision into reality. After many muslins, paper patterns, draping sessions on my dress form, etc., I finally came up with the shape I wanted.

The rest of the skirt was easy. I stabilized the raised waist along the princess lines and side seams with small pieces of boning using Lynda Maynard's technique in her book, which worked out perfectly. I love this technique!

I added a little ribbon with a hook/eye for the top of the zip to give it a clean finish.

I chose a wool crepe fabric because I knew I needed drape (in a color I'm not particularly fond of -- a kind of green/black -- but it was priced right). I underlined the skirt with silk organza and lined it with Bemberg lining I had in my stash. The drape piece is lined as well -- I wasn't sure about this, as I thought it might get too heavy with a lining, but I think it lends a good amount of weight that allows the folds to drape well.

I think I need to make another one, perhaps using a contrast fabric for the drape piece or lowering the waist. We'll see!

In other news, the raccoons are back this year, and have managed to tear up parts of our yard. I'm hoping they eventually go away, but I may need to get some sort of deterrent if they keep coming back. Those rascals!


  1. that skirt is gorgeous, love it. very clever design. As for the racoons, eek, they drive me crazy too, along with all the other critters.

  2. Love the skirt. It reminds me of some of my favorite Victorian skirts (but without the bustle.)

  3. Amazing skirt! It turned out SO beautifully! Raccoons do THAT? I had no idea.....

  4. LOVE the skirt! It has a very modern aesthetic, but also looks sort of vintage, which is fantastic!

  5. What a gorgeous skirt, Jean! The drape is elegant and graceful, just like you. It was nice to see it in person, but it's so nice to see pics of it on you!

  6. the skirt is gorgeous, and looks beautiful on you.

    Usually that kind of lawn damage is due to skunks- digging for grubs.
    To get rid of the skunks, you have to treat the lawn for grubs.

    Raccoons are not diggers.

    Just saying!

    1. Thanks for the info! I didn't think about skunks -- in our neighborhood, everyone just blames lawn damage on raccoons!

  7. It's gorgeous :) And what on earth is with those racoons! Bummer!

  8. Absolutely lovely Jean. Your drafting skills are coming along.

  9. Jean, you look so chic. Stunning skirt!